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Carambar & Co commits and it's not a joke!

Reducingour carbon footprint.

Our team is fully aware of the importance of preserving the planet and its resources and Carambar & Co is committed to promoting biodiversity and reducing its environmental footprint. We pay particular attention to the choice of raw materials, production processes and the quality of finished products. Alongside this commitment, there are constant further efforts and research into finding ways to reduce our consumption of water, energy and waste production!

We are committed to decreasing plastic packaging, through long-term efforts and the implementation of a policy dedicated to this goal.


On average, waste is recovered in our plants.

Reducing our carbon footprint. by optimizing the filling of our trucks by pooling our deliveries with other manufacturers.

Des exemples concrets

  • Eolienne Strasbourg

    A wind turbine on the roof of the Strasbourg factory.

    Developed by the start-up Inergys, installed in July 2017 on the roof of the factory, this urban and innovating wind turbine produces up to 10 MW of electricity each year. It allows us to reduce our carbon footprint (1 ton of CO2 less each year) and is part of our global environmental policy.

  • An innovating water treatment plant at Saint Genest d’Ambière

    Our factory located at Saint Genest d’Ambière, in charge of the production for Krema, La Pie Qui Chante, Malabar and Dulciora, recently installed a wastewater treatment plant. Our ambition is to purify the water used in our production process so that it can be recycled in the natural environment.

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