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Carambar & Co commits and it's not a joke!

Making good products.

We are always trying to improve our recipes and our team works hard to create unique flavors that allow you to enjoy unique moments. Our mission: to make each product tasty in a responsible way. With this in mind, we are constantly working to select quality ingredients and meet consumer expectations.


Of our candies are guaranteed to contain only natural dyes or no dyes at all.


National brands (Krema and Poulain) to launch a range of organic chocolate sweets and powders


of our ingredient lists, to help you better understand what you are consuming.

Des exemples concrets

  • An organic range to delight your taste buds

    With our brands Kréma and Poulain, discover candies and chocolate powder ranges, made from organic ingredients. Yes, they are entirely organic and delicious!

  • We said no more titanium dioxide

    This additive has been completely removed from our recipes in anticipation of future regulations. Our ambition is to select the best ingredients and to bring you quality products. That is why we decided to take this decision sooner than it was required.

  • Palm oil free spread.

    Poulain has developed a tasty spread, with quality hazelnuts, good cocoa and, above all, without palm oil! Palm oil is responsible for a large part of deforestation, a situation that is extremely harmful to fauna and flora. We have therefore decided to replace it with sunflower oil.

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