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    Krema gets dressed according to the seasons

    This year, Krema focuses on fruit flavours and launches its first candies which flavours change with the season. Since April, a limited edition has been launched and then since October the brand has launched an Autumn Winter limited edition. An unsual fruits taste : clementine, prune, red apple and pear

    First anniversary of Carambar & Co

    Carambar & Co celebrates its first anniversary! Congratulations to everybody! A team that gives a smile!

    Poulain au bon lait de nos régions

    Discover Poulain's 3 new milk chocolate bars : Classic, Milk with hazelnuts and Milk with caramel & crunchy biscuits. These 3 chocolate bars are made in France, with milk straight from our French regions ; a treat for the whole family to enjoy ! You'll hear more about us in TV and Facebook commercials .. and of course in your local supermarket !

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    Poulain celebrates 170 years !

    "In 2018, let's all celebrate Poulain's 170th birthday !!! For this wonderful occasion, we've decided to hide 170 golden cards inside our chocolat bars and our powdered chocolate ! Each golden car will offer you an unforgettable moment of hapiness, to share with the whole family. 170 other presents can also be won on our website :"

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