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    The unique Terry’s chocolate Orange experience in a block bar !

    Introducing Terry’s Chocolate Orange 90g Bar: A unique block bar composed of 2 rows of 8 segments and made with the delicious Terry’s milk chocolate flavoured with real orange oil. A new way to enjoy Terry’s everyday !

    Bring some Terry’s orangeness to Easter !

    Introducing Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis Eggs: Milk chocolate mini eggs flavoured with natural orange oil and covered with an orange sugar shell for a crunchy texture. The perfect treat for yourself or to share ! Only available from selected Tesco stores.

    Get ready for Easter with Terry’s Chocolate Orange

    Did you know we have a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter range ? The same delicious chocolate you know and love but available in crunchy Mini eggs or Large Easter Eggs pack (1 large egg + 2 Terry’s Chocolate Orange 35g bars or Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis Popping Candy 70g bag). The perfect way to treat yourself or your loved ones this Easter !

    New packs, Same recipe !

    Terry’s Chocolate Orange is now available in an updated pack design but please be reassured, the recipe hasn’t changed and is still the same delicious milk chocolate flavoured with real orange oil recipe you know and love.

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