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Kaba The favourite drink of Germans!

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Welcome to Germany. Let’s discover our brand Kaba, the reference in cacao-based beverage since 1929. Every day, it shows its colours through an incredible taste its unique taste gives you a taste of what’s yet to come: yes, the day is going to be great! Additionally to our Kaba cocoa, let’s not forget the rest of our range: these famous powders with tasty fruits flavors and to mix with milk.

In that way, with nearly a half a century of know how and an indisputable reputation in neighbouring lands, Kaba can claim that it is the official partner of German breakfasts and after-school snacks. In some regions, Kaba has even become the most used word to talk about a chocolate beverage.


  • Kaba, it is
    years of History.

    At a rate of 365 days a year, Kaba has already contributed to 32 850 breakfasts. Get up, it is time for the next one!

  • More than
    million of packs are sold every year**.

    Imagine a bit the number of breakfasts that represents! **Data Nielsen sell out, december 2017

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