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Dulciora The caramelos* of happiness!

Hola! You love Pikotas and are crazy about Gummy Jelly?

Well done, they are the two irresistible ranges of Dulciora, our Spanish brand. With more than 50 years of History and its incredible candies, Dulciora gives colours to your days. A sweet desire? A Pikotas. A sudden wish of softness? A Gummy Jelly! That is our secret. Let’s return to the Dulciora shelf!

  • 1964
    says Hola** to Dulciora.

    The brand Dulciora was launched and started to sell its delicious candies. « Good idea! », said the Spanish!

  • More than
    million of candies Pikotas and Gummy Jelly bags were sold in 2017

    You can find the brand only in Spain, el pais de los caramelos***. As we say, the Spanish sun whets the appetite!

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