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    Human resources are our priority.

    Because well-being at work is a priority, our production site located in Strasbourg, and dedicated to our brands Suchard and Terry’s, obtained the prize “Best Human resources initiatives”, awarded by the magazine L’Usine Nouvelle. It rewarded all the work we do every day in order to provide the best working conditions for our employees.

    We share our experience with the next generation.

    In 2018, a total of 93 interns, of different school levels, were welcomed to all of our sites. Our mission is to enable them to discover the world of business, to train them in a profession of the future and to support them in their professional orientation. So, do you want to join us now? Find out more here.

    An innovating water treatment plant at Saint Genest d’Ambière

    Our factory located at Saint Genest d’Ambière, in charge of the production for Krema, La Pie Qui Chante, Malabar and Dulciora, recently installed a wastewater treatment plant. Our ambition is to purify the water used in our production process so that it can be recycled in the natural environment.

    A wind turbine on the roof of the Strasbourg factory.

    Developed by the start-up Inergys, installed in July 2017 on the roof of the factory, this urban and innovating wind turbine produces up to 10 MW of electricity each year. It allows us to reduce our carbon footprint (1 ton of CO2 less each year) and is part of our global environmental policy.

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