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    Usual questions
    • Why my Krema or my Carambar is hard?

      In our factories, we implement strict procedures for each production stage: manufacture, storage, transport. It allows us to ensure that our products leave our factories in the best conditions. The hardness control is part of what we check in priority. However, the texture can harden over time, because of bad storage conditions: temperature variations can provoke texture alteration.

    • The best-before date is passed: can I eat the product?

      The best-before date indicates the date until which the product keeps its best quality: taste, texture, aspect. So, we advise you to eat the product before the best-before date, in order to enjoy it while it’s at its best. We recommend you check the best-before date before buying. Note that, after this date, the product can be deteriorated, but it does not present a danger to your health: you still can eat it. So, don’t confuse it with the expiry date, that determines from when the product can no longer be safely eaten. The latter is mainly used for fresh products, like meat or cheese, and must be strictly respected.

    • Why did I not get all the flavors in the packet?

      We can’t guarantee the same flavor proportion in each packet. The mixing is random. But we would like to draw your attention on the note indicated on the back of the packet: “we do our best to put all the flavors in each packet, but we can’t guarantee it 100 percent”.

    • My chocolate has whitened, is it dangerous?

      Any product with chocolate has to be correctly stored. Heat or temperature variations can change the aspect of the product in different ways: whitening, deformation. In the most cases, the whitening is due to white cacao butter marks that have melted, then got crystallized again in a short period, during the storage or the transport. Even if the colour has whitened, you can eat the product, there is absolutely no risk for your health. Notice that we implement strict procedures at each stage of the production process to ensure the best quality.

    • I have the impression that my box is missing chocolate powder. Is that normal?

      During the transport stage, the chocolate powder can get compacted at the bottom of your box. That can give an impression of emptiness. Be aware that a control is done for each product at the end of the production line, in order to ensure that its weight is the one mentioned on the packaging.

  • ingredients
    • Do your products contain palm oil?

      Carambar & Co is fully aware of the environmental impact caused by the use of palm oil. This is why we changed our recipes, in order to remove palm oil from Poulain’s chocolates. Regarding our other candies and chocolates, we are working with the R&D department in order to improve our products and to take this issue into consideration. We plan to only use certified RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) palm oil by end of 2019.

    • Where does your cacao come from?

      The cacao beans used in our products come from Africa (mainly from Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire).

    • What about GMO?

      In accordance with existing laws and regulations, Carambar & Co respects the CE regulation N°1829/2003 voted by the European Parliament and the European Counsel the 22th September 2013, and that concerns food for genetically-modified animals, and N°1830/2003 voted by the European Parliament and the European Counsel the 22th September 2013 about traceability and labelling genetically-modified animals. The latter changed the directive 2001/18/CE.
      Raw material we use does not come from GMO, and all the ingredients are tracked. Consequently, none of our products use OGM labelling, according to the regulation CE N°1829/2003 and N°1830/2003.

    • What does naturally coloring mean?

      That does mean that, to color our candies, we use vegetal paste from apples, radishes, blackcurrants or carrots. This way, we can easily create the color we want.

    • Do you use preservatives?

      No, all our products are preservative free.

    • What is fruit pectin?

      Pectin is a natural ingredient and a setting agent you can get from fruits. It is often used in jams and jellies. During the production process, fruit pectin is subject to an airing process in order to get a texture close to mousse. That is how we get Krema Mini Cub’ Bio’s soft texture.

    • What is your additives policy?

      Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste, appearance, or other qualities. Your health is our priority. Since our company exists, we have been following a program in order to progressively reduce the number of potentially dangerous substances, by anticipating possible future laws. In 2018, we removed titanium dioxide (E171) from Malabar’s products. We are even committed to following “clean labelling” processes.

    • What is your policy regarding sugar?

      We are aware of health issues due to sugar consumption. We pay attention to food quality and we share all the information about our products. Also, we work hard to improve our recipes and to reduce the quantity of sugar in each product. On top of that, the sugar we use comes from the European Union and often from France.

  • bags
    • Why does the wrapping stick to my Carambar?

      It is possible that some of our products are exposed to bad conditions during transport or storage stages. Please note that we implement rigorous controls, for each stage of the production, in order to ensure the best quality of our products, when they leave our factories.

    • What are your commitments about plastic use for packaging?

      We are aware of the impact that plastic packaging has on the environment. We work with our R&D department in order to improve our offer. However, it is a long-term project, because it impacts the way we make our packaging, we organize our production and we distribute our products. We also have to preserve the quality of our products and to maintain acceptable costs. Notice that all the plastic we use is recyclable.

    • Why is there a wrapper without candy in the packet?

      It is possible to find a wrapper without candy in a packet. It can be the result of a rare dysfunction provoked by the packaging machine. However, notice that an efficient electronic system rigorously controls the weight of our packets. So, if there is a wrapper without candy, it does not impact the weight of the packet.

  • world
    Our commitments.
    • Child labor is common in the cacao farms in occidental Africa. What is your position on it?

      Carambar & Co does not directly buy cacao beans. We only buy ingredients made from cacao beans, with a first industrial transformation. Our suppliers are located in France, in Germany and in the Nederland. The cacao beans come from Africa (mostly from Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana). The industrial companies we work with are important players in the cacao market and make social and environmental responsibility part of their activity. They are strongly committed to fighting against child labor and they work for a more sustainable cacao.

    • How do you ensure the well-being of your employees?

      We pay attention to the well-being of our employees. It is the second pillar of our SER policy (Social and Environmental Responsibility). We do a lot to permanently improve working conditions. That is the reason why we produced a poll, in November 2018, in order to assess the employees’ perception. After this poll, Carambar & Co obtained the label Happy@Worket, by getting the 12th place in the category “500 to 999 employees”.

    • What are your commitments to the environment?

      Carambar & Co is aware of the importance to protect our planet and our resources. So, Carambar & Co is committed to preserving biodiversity and to reducing its carbon footprint. That is why we pay attention to the way we choose the ingredients and we produce. Discover our commitments: CLICK HERE

    • What do you do to preserve biodiversity?

      Our factories implement measures to preserve biodiversity. To know more about it, CLICK HERE

    • What are your commitments in terms of communication?

      Carambar & Co is committed to giving access to all the information about the ingredients used in its recipes. We are convinced that it is essential to create a confident relationship with our customers. That is why we put all the details on our packaging: ingredients, rations, and so on. Also, we developed a charter in order to communicate responsibly. We don’t communicate in media that target children under the age of 11. To know more about the charter, CLICK HERE

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