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Vichy A pastille, an History!

Octagonal and created by the chemist Jean-Pierre-Joseph D’Arce, it is going to celebrate its 200th anniversary. But who are we talking about?

The pastille Vichy, of course! The only one, the true one: the unique pastille Vichy to be produced from extracts of Vichy waters. At the view of its path, this mythic pastille could nearly tell you all the History of France! However, despite years, it does not change: same shape, same recipe, same taste. It keeps what made its success and its charm. By the way, some of you even say that it is the perfect remedy against the passing of time!

  • About
    million of pastilles are eaten every single day.

    When we told you that our pastille was popular, we did not lie. It is a fact!

  • More than
    20 000
    people visit the factory every year.

    Through years, the Vichy’s manufacture has become a real touristic destination.

Why should we choose?The Vichy Family

Vichy Menthe

Parfum Menthe

Vichy Citron

Parfum Citron - Menthe

Vichy Sans Sucres

Parfum Menthe

The Terry’s Story

  • 1825

    Hello, I am a pastille!

    The French chemist Jean-Pierre-Joseph D’Arce created the pastille Vichy. First, it was sold in drugstores for its properties supposed to be digestive. Its composition is simple: mineral salts from the Vichy waters and mint aromas.

  • 1856

    Octagonal you will be!

    That year, the “Compagnie fermière de Vichy” gave its definitive octagonal form to the pastille. It was then ready to go through the decades. The legend had just started!

  • 1990

    The pastille was everywhere, and you?

    The pastilles Vichy launched a sugar-free range. Sugar-free, but with a maximum of taste! Yes, keeping the figure does not prevent you to be gourmand love what tastes!

  • 2018

    Vichy puts its new outfit on!

    Still really popular, the pastille Vichy gets a new packaging! What is better than highlighting its production 100% made in France and its uniqueness? Next objective: seduce all the world! Our pastille Vichy, the one and only, is ready to travel everywhere!

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