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Terry's chocolate Orange

Terry's Tap it, unwrap it, enjoy it!

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a subtle combination of delicious chocolate and natural extracts of orange. But, it is far more than a chocolate. Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a full experience. Tap it, unwrap it and enjoy it: that ritual has been tempting the United Kingdom for nearly nine decades. There is nothing else like it! With its original round shape and its fun and magic personality, it has become the Must Have of Christmas and the perfect token gift all year round.

  • 44
    million Terry's Chocolate Oranges are sold each year.

    You can find them in seven countries: Great Britain, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

  • 9
    million UK households buy a Terry's Chocolate Orange each year,

    making it one of the UK’s favourite chocolates.

  • 7
    tempting formats

    Terry’s Chocolate Orange is available in the iconic orange ball but you can also find its delicious orange segments in sharing bags or bars to eat on the go. You even can get delicious Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter Eggs and Mini Eggs.

Why should we choose? ?TheTerry's family

Terry's Tablet Milk

The taste you know and love in a bar

Terry's Chocolate Orange Biscuit Tablet

Terry’s Milk Chocolate with a crunch

Terry's Chocolate Orange Milk

The iconic Chocolate Orange

Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis

Mini segments of Terry’s

Terry's Chocolate Orange Bar

Terry’s in a smaller bar

Terry's Chocolate Orange Dark

Delicious Dark Chocolate

Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis Biscuit

Minis with a crunch

Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations Box

5 delicious flavours

The Terry's Story

  • 1767


    The story begins in 1767 with the opening of a shop near Bootham Bar, York, selling lemon and orange candied peel. In 1823, Joseph Terry joined the company and using his specialist skills, developed new lines of chocolate, confectionery, candied peel and marmalade.

  • 1932


    Did you know that the first Terry’s product was actually a chocolate apple? The brand was originally named Terry’s Chocolate Apple and for a few years, there were no chocolate oranges in sight! Then in 1932, the Terry’s Chocolate Orange was born, revolutionising the chocolate industry and becoming an immediate hit.

  • 2013


    Since then, Terry’s Chocolate Orange has never stopped innovating and growing, launching new formats and flavours to delight our loyal fans. So what are you waiting for: tap it, unwrap it and enjoy it!

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