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Suchard The pleasure of chocolate!

A taste, an experience.

With nearly 200 candles on the counter, Suchard has become more than a chocolate, it’s pure indulgence. Some even claim that it embodies, with the legendary Rocher, the pleasure without concession. Indeed, founded in 1826 by Philippe Suchard, a bearded and visionary Swiss man, the brand has actively contributed to the History of chocolate. Everybody falls in love with Suchard! With its authenticity and its generosity, Suchard seems eager to conquer the next centuries!

  • 1
    Rocher Suchard is eaten every single minute!

    Right now, it is maybe you! That confirms how much this chocolate is popular!

  • The first Rocher Suchard weighed

    At its creation, it was therefore already standing up! Since then, it keeps an eye on its waistline.

Why should we choose?In Suchard family, I want…

Coeur Croustillant

Milk Chocolate
200g - 330g

Mini Sapin Coeur Croustillant

Milk Chocolate

Coeur Croustillant

Dark chocolate

Coeur Croustillant

Milk and Dark Chocolate

Marché de Noël

Milk and Dark Chocolate
180g - 300g - 420g

Marché de Noël

Milk Chocolate

La Chocolaterie

Indulgent Assortment

Mini Rocher

Christmas Edition to share

Coeur Croustillant

Christmas Edition to share

Rocher Suchard Noir

Praliné heart with dark chocolate
x4 - x7

Rocher Suchard Lait

Praliné heart with milk chocolate
x2 - x4 - x7

Mini Rocher Suchard Lait

Mini format

Tell me its story!

  • 1826

    A visionary adventurer!

    Inspired by his trip in the United States, Philippe Suchard opened a confectionery in Neuchâtel, in Switzerland. The myth was shaping. At the end of the 19th century, his brands would get very famous. Great story, isn’t?

  • 1930

    Hello Strasbourg!

    The company Suchard was founded. For this occasion, the factory of Strasbourg was built. 80 years later, it continues to be the pride of Alsace economy and makes chocolate lovers happy!

  • 1948

    Le Rocher in the big leagues!

    Suchard launched Le Rocher: a praline heart covered with black chocolate and hazelnuts chips. Intense sensations, great pleasure: chocolate lovers couldn’t resist it. It quickly became a big commercial success.

  • 2018

    Suchard, the same, but better!

    The range Suchard gets more modern for more indulgence, more freshness and more parties! So, who is the most beautiful?

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