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Suchard Express Suchard Express, Days with the best cocoa powder!

Can you think of a friendly cacao-based powder that is sold in Switzerland and that makes you happy as soon as you get up?

Suchard Express, of course! Indeed, on the other side of the Alpes, a sweet and cocoa flavour gives an incredible taste to both hot and cold milk. For generations, from morning to evening, Suchard Express is with you!

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    Suchard Express is enjoyed in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with its cocoa glow!

  • Since

    Now you understand why Suchard Express is so popular. These cocoa-based powders have been savored with family and friends for more than 60 years!

Why should we choose?The Suchard Express Family

Suchard Express

500g - 800g - 1kg

Suchard Express - Sticks

Boite de 10 sticks Individuels
14,5g x10

Suchard Express

Boite distributrice de sticks individuels
14,5g x100
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