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Poulain The taste of happiness!

Why do we love the Poulain chocolate so much?

Because, from breakfast to the indulgent evening break, without forgetting the after-school snack, it is always there with its delicious tablets and famous chocolate powders. Its authentic taste and unique recipes, rich of 170 years of know-how, have become difficult to miss!

  • 700 000
    breakfasts with Poulain each day

    For that reason, we are proud of our products: they are the starting point of your days!

  • 2.5
    times the circumference of France.

    It is what we get if we line up all the Poulain tablets eaten each year. We are not going to lie: we have not tried to do it yet for real!

Why should we choose?In Poulain family, I want…

Noir Extra

47% of cocoa
100g - 200g - 400g




Easy Dessert - 55% of praline

Grand Arôme

32% of cocoa
250g - 450g - 800g

Ligne Gourmande Noir

Less than 2% of sugars - Dark 70%

Noir Extra Noisettes

47% of cocoa

Lait Noisette

Milk and Hazelnut

Lait Feuilleté Caramel

Milk and Crispy Caramel

Ligne Gourmande Lait

No added sugar

Pralinoise Corsé

Easy Dessert - 50% of praline

Noir Dessert

Easy Dessert - 64% of cocoa

Super Poulain

4 vitamins, minerals and phosphorus
450g - 1kg


52% of cocoa

Tell me its story!

  • 1848

    Victor and the Chocolate Factory!

    After 9 years of learnings in Paris, during which he discovered with passion how to make chocolate, Victor Auguste Poulain funded its chocolate factory in Blois.

  • 1865

    Always stronger!

    Poulain got bigger and bigger: first factory, first advertising campaign. By the way, the baseline was clear: “taste and compare”. The knowers tried, compared and approved. Like us! We always have plenty of Poulain everywhere in the cupboards…

  • 1905

    The foal of Poulain!

    Do you know Leonetto Capiello? He drew our famous foal, that is still the emblem of our brand today. Well-known artist for his posters, he gave full meaning to the word timeless!

  • 2018

    Poulain, young forever!

    170 candles, it takes space on a chocolate cake! Imagine what Poulain will be in one century, in view of how fast our foal travels through eras.

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