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Michoko The ultra indulgent candy!

Everywhere, it melts your heart since 1936. Behind its black or milk gold appearance, Michoko is a perfect mix between soft caramel and chocolate.

Melty, tender, smooth and intense: the Michoko experience is multiplied. Yes, its soft caramel, covered by a delicious layer of dark chocolate (64% of cocoa) or milky chocolate, is a subtle shot of indulgent.

  • 1,3 millions
    of French households

    buy Michoko’s products every year. With its caramel heart, Michoko is irresistible.

  • 82nd
    years, it is Michoko's birthday

    For its birthday, the brand would have declared: « I am now a young grown-up ».

Why should we choose?In Michoko family, I want…

Michoko Noir - Edition Noël

64% of cocoa

Michoko - Edition Noël

Dark - Melty Chocolate Heart - Milk Hazelnut

Michoko - Edition Noël

Dark - Melty Chocolate Heart - Milk Hazelnut

Michoko Noir

64% of cocoa

Michoko Lait

Milk Chocolate

Michoko Goût Noisette

Chocolate and Hazelnut flavor

Michoko Coeur Intense

Dark and Melty Chocolate Heart

Tell me its story!

  • 1936

    Let’s go for adventure!

    Michoko is launched! Quickly, the brand seduced all the cinema lovers: its caramel candies, coated with chocolate, were distributed before the film by usherettes with wicker baskets. Success was instant!

  • 1980

    It is time for advertising

    The brand developed and launched iconic advertising campaigns. The seductive magpie starts to play her role and Michoko pleased everyone!

  • 2018

    The recipe of happiness

    Michoko is back with two new ultra- indulgent recipes: Michoko Cœur Intense, with a dark and melty chocolate heart inside the caramel coated with dark chocolate, and Michoko Nuts, a candy delicately enhanced by a mix of chocolate and hazelnut taste.

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