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Of course, you know Malabar!

Impossible to miss its famous bubbles, its unequalled taste and its inimitable tattoos. Created in 1958, this bubble-gum is definitely part of the daily life of thousands of kids. Yes, Malabar is the dose of good mood for awesome moments! Who has never tried to stick tatoos on friend’s arms? Who has never outbid at the biggest bubble competition? In the playgrounds, it has even become a kind of custom. With Malabar, get a lot of fun!

  • 20 000
    Malabar are chewed every day.

    According to our calculation, on the basis of two bubbles by Malabar, we are closed to 40.000 bubbles made every single day!

  • 50,8

    It is the official record you have to beat if you want to make the biggest bubble in the world. Start training now!

Why should we choose?The Malabar Family

Malabar Tutti


Malabar Bubble Mix

Un mix de goûts

Malabar Fraise

à la pièce

Malabar Menthe

à la pièce

Malabar Cola

à la pièce

Malabar Barbe à Papa

à la pièce

Malabar Bi Goût

à la pièce

Malabar Multifruits

à la pièce

The Terry’s Story

  • 1958

    Malabar was born!

    It is the beginning of the Malabar adventure. That year, Krema invented a new and now-famous bubble-gum. Bubbles and bubbles! Malabar was already eager to conquer hearts and decades! By the way, we have a trick: the best way to become the star of the playground is to have his pockets full of Malabar!

  • 1969

    Mister Malabar, nice to meet you!

    That year, for the first time, a blond and strong character with a yellow tee-shirt was chilling out appeared on the Malabar packaging. His name: Mister Malabar. He would be the brand’s mascot for the next half-century. At the same time, tattoos appeared.

  • 2011

    Mabulle, a cool cat for a cool brand!

    Mister Malabar retired after 42 years. Let’s introduce Mabulle, a black cat, sun glasses on the nose, with a colourful tie proudly worn to represent the brand. Its mission? Officially, offer you a lot of fun. Informally, fool around!

  • 2018

    Malabar collaborates with Minions!

    Minions are always there to be seen, for better or for worse (especially for worse). That time, they take place on Malabar packaging for a crazy year!

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