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La Pie qui Chante The chorus of an indulgent pleasure

If the magpie talks so much, it is because its candies have a lot of things to say. In this way, with the full weight of its age, that legendary bird
raises its voice to highlight its six loyal friends. Of course, you know them all: Michoko for indulgent, Menthe Claire for freshness, Croq’andise for fruit flavours, Assortiment Royal for festive moments, Stoptou and Gom’s for authentic flavours tastes. Yes, they delight your days and revive good memories. By flying over decades, who knows where La Pie qui Chante can take us?

  • 4 000
    tons of candies are sold every year.

    It seems that listening to La Pie singing makes you want it!

  • 100
    La Pie qui Chante is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

    It is so great, isn’t?

Why should we choose?In La Pie qui Chante family, I want…

Menthe Claire

Natural Mint - Without coloring


7 fruity flavours


165g - 285g - 450g

Assortiment Royal

7 varieties of candies

Gom's Assortiment de Saveurs

with acacia gum

Gom's Menthe Eucalyptus

with acacia gum

Michoko Noir

64% of cocoa

Michoko Lait

Milk chocolate

Michoko Coeur Intense

Dark and melty chocolate heart

Michoko Goût Noisette

Chocolate and hazelnut flavour

Tell me its story!

  • 1921

    La Pie qui Chante went out from its nest!

    Born in the nest of French-Russian confectionery, created 60 years earlier by Emile Cornillot, La Pie quickly becomes the rare bird of French confectionery

  • 1960

    La Pie seduced Europe!

    At that moment, La Pie qui Chante employed 125 people and was heard to Belgium and Germany. Become famous in France, the brand was greeted abroad for its innovations and launched Menthe Claire.

  • 1977

    “And now, it is time for the puppet show!”

    The advertising agency T.B.W.A gave life to La Pie qui Chante through a charismatic puppet, provocative but tender. Everybody started loving the dreamy bird.

  • 2018

    La Pie is arrives in Saint-Genest-d’Ambière!

    The production of Menthe Claire, Croq’andise and Assortiment Royal is moved to Saint-Genest-d’Ambière, in France. That is such a good news, isn’t? We are now completely ready to surprise you!

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