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Krema Naturally soft!

It was in 1923, in Vincennes. That the good fruit tasting candy was invented.

Since that year, Krema has been seducing any soft candy lovers. Produced in Saint-Genest d’Ambière, the French brand is now your best ally to enjoy nice sharing moments with your family. With its unique fruit tastes, nobody can resist it. It’s normal, at Krema, we love them all: Régala’d, Batna, Regliss Mint. Anyone have its favourite. We love cherries and raspberries flavours. And you?

  • 5 000
    tons* of candies are sold every year

    Krema is part of your daily life. That is a common point between us!

    *Data Nielsen sell out 2017

  • Krema is going to celebrate its

    What is Krema’s secret? It is simple: it lives to the rhythm of orange, cherry, strawberry… flavours.

Why should we choose?In Krema family, I want…

Krema Mini Cub' Bio

Red fruits flavor

Krema Mini Cub' Bio

yellow fruits flavor

Krema Regal'ad

Assortment of fruity flavors
360g - 380g - 590g

Krema Festival

Assortment of soft candies
360g - 590g

Krema de Saison

Limited Edition - Autumn-Winter

Krema Fruizz

Assortment of candies with acid taste

Krema Batna

Caramel - Liquorice

Krema Régliss Mint

Liquorice - Mint

Tell me its story!

  • 1923

    Krema, it is damn good!

    Oh, the good idea! The confectioner Mollié launched its brand Krema. For the candy lovers, it was probably the best news of the century. Let’s open a packet!

  • 1961

    Batna and Régal'ad seduce since the beginning!

    That year, Krema unveiled two new ranges, now legendary: fruit tastes for Régal’ad and wild tastes for Batna. That wonderful stroke of genius allowed the brand to become a key figure of the French confectionery.

  • 2018

    Krema launches a limited edition of seasonal flavours!

    What would you think about flavours that change with the seasons? It is the new Krema’s idea. A spring/summer collection, another autumn/winter: oh, the good idea! By the way, to celebrate that, the blogger Elsa Muse even imagined a colourful show by restyling the famous single packagings.

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