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Carambar C'est de la barre !

What is yellow, funny and completely out of the case?

Obvious question, obvious answer: of course, it is Carambar! Behind its legendary shape and its offbeat humour, it embodies a part of the French heritage. We know that, like us, you have already laughed with its jokes! It is normal, nobody can resist Carambar ! Oh, by the way, Did you know that Carambar was born thanks to… A mistake!

  • 82 000
    kilometers of Carambar are produced every year

    It is twice the circumference of the earth. This time, we are not joking!

  • 2 000
    Carambar are eaten each minute

    You love eating Carambar, and you are definitely not the only one!

  • 5000
    jokes have been published since the beginning

    Making jokes is a full-time job! If you have any ideas, you can submit yours jokes right now. Click here.

Why should we choose?In Carambar family, I want…

Carambar caramel

The Original
130g - 320g

Carambar Fruits

4 fruity flavors
130g - 320g

Carambar Choco Nut'

Chocolate Hazelnut

Carambar Xtreme

Extremely Acid

Carambar Hot Challenge

2 spicy flavors

Carambar Magicolor

Color the tongue

Carambar Atomic

Completely Acid
110g - 220g

Carambar Caragourmand

3 indulgent flavors

Carambar Caranougat

Unique nougat paste recipe

Carambar Family

Assortment of 5 flavors

Carambar Minis Fête

To share in mini format
110g - 220g

Carambar Minis Mix

To share in mini format
110g - 220g

Carambar Minis caramel

The Original in mini format

Carambar Mystery

4 mystery flavors

Carambar Mister Cola

Good taste of cola

Carambar Crazy Mix

Assortiment de sensations

Carambar Advent Calendar


Carambar Christmas Tree

Assortment of Mini

Tell me its story!

  • 1954

    “Oh, I have an idea!”

    It was what Georges Fauchille and Augustin Gallois should have said when they invented Carambar. But they did not. According to the legend, the creation of Carambar was a mere recipe mistake. Here, we call that a genius mistake!

  • 1969

    “Listen to me, I have a joke!”

    That year, the first jokes appeared at the reverse side of the packaging. The Carambar humour was born. By the way, we have a joke… What did the 0 say to the 8? Nice belt!

    Propose a joke
  • 1973

    “Hello, we are fruit!”

    Carambar diversified its range. That was time to enjoy strawberry, lemon and orange Carambar! In total, more than 15 flavours were imagined and, in 1998, acid flavours were created. That made a lot of candy lovers feel great!

  • 2017

    So much fun with Carambar!

    Carambar was back on television with its new advertising campaign and a strong French baseline: “Carambar, c’est de la barre”. Fun and original, Carambar used humour and Youtuber’s codes!

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